Board of Directors

                      Board of Directors - 2018


President              Ed Mulkearn                (2020)

Vice President       Marty Proctor               (2018)

Secretary             Marge Freund               (2019)

Treasurer              Phil Persons                 (2020)


Lant Lictus                                              (2020)

Marci Schwab                                          (2018)

Lex Brumagin                                          (2019) 

Matt Wise                                                (2020)

Bill Bracken                                             (2019)


News & Events 1/18/2018

Status of the Findley Lake Fishery

To View the PDF of the Status of the Findley Lake Fishery Click Here

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NYSFOLA News 6/23/2015

Thanks , Brad.

Thanks , Brad.Photos of New York State Federation of Lake Associations, Inc. (NYSFOLA)He got the Blue Heron Award...although I'm not sure he (the fish) really wanted it. — at The Crossings....

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