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With fishing, weeds can be equally as frustrating! One tip I can recommend is that

when you’re trolling or reeling in your line, put the tip of your rod under the water about 6” to avoid catching all those “floaters”. Believe it or not, there are a few positives to these weeds when it comes to fishing! Weeds provide more cover for the smaller, younger fish that the larger fish feed on. That extra protection makes for a better crop of fish, which can enhance the level of fishing for years to come. And aside from the pollen and algae growth, most weeds act as filters, keeping the water clearer, longer. If you can find the right combination of weedless lures and colors, it can also make it easier to find the big fish. Since they have to work harder to find food, they tend to move around more and the right combination can make a hungry fish strike more often than not. So this summer, try being a bit more creative in “hiding the hook” to make your bait weedless… and then, if you add a bit more patience than in previous years, you just might catch more fish! And remember to practice “catch and release”… it’s your future!


News & Events 1/18/2018

Status of the Findley Lake Fishery

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NYSFOLA News 6/23/2015

Thanks , Brad.

Thanks , Brad.Photos of New York State Federation of Lake Associations, Inc. (NYSFOLA)He got the Blue Heron Award...although I'm not sure he (the fish) really wanted it. — at The Crossings....

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