A Message from the President

 A Message from the President,

     I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the summer albeit a wet one.  The lake has been relatively clear with all of the rain,  the early Pucillus weed bloom has died back and we are gearing up to mow milfoil.  So far the harvesting operation has been smooth and un-eventful. With the extra maintenance last fall and this spring performed by Paul and Duane Williams things got off to a great start.  Paul has two new operators this year and has done an outstanding job training them.  We also have Josh Harper mowing and cleaning up our property in town this year and it looks great.
     There are a number of opportunities that the Watershed Foundation has focused on this year that I would like to report on.  First and foremost has been the Dam Restoration Project.  Board Member and Treasurer Dennis Brumagin has championed this project.  We are fortunate to have a licensed engineer who has been willing to donate hundreds of hours in meetings, phone calls, grant writing and most importantly keeping the project clean and on track.  We have an approved final design and are in the permitting phase with work to be done and completed by ice out next spring.
     We are also actively participating on the Findley Lake Sewerage Committee.  After careful review of the work the Watershed Foundation has done over the last 10 years along with the studies conducted in 1999-2000 by Bill Boria and Joe Kowalski the town board has been exploring the option of sewering around the lake.  As a member of the sewerage committee I am pleased to report there has been substantial progress towards this goal.  It has become very clear that the State of New York has made Clean Water a priority.  New York State and Chautauqua County regulations and enforcement are changing.  It is very important for each of us to understand how these changes will affect our particular situation.
     We are concentrating our efforts in communicating with the membership.  We have are constantly improving our web site and are in the process of linking several web cams with views of the lake.  We are also using e-mail and are asking our members to provide us with current address’s.  If you are not receiving e-mail from us please check your spam and make sure we have your correct information. 
     Finally, this is the 200th year anniversary of the building of the dam at Findley Lake.  The dam was built for purely economic reasons, to supply power to saw logs and grind grain.  We have moved from power to recreation over the past 200 years.  From beech boards to wake boards and steam boats to jet boats, the economic importance of the dam in our community remains the same.  Our motto is “Stewards of the Lake”.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to repair, restore and improve our dam.  All of the membership should take great pride in this accomplishment.

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Thanks , Brad.

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